Dr.Mahan PRB , an Iranian businessman and a medical student ,
is a young and talented entrepreneur who was born on 12
March 2001 in Iran.
Mahan’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was just
twenty years old and launched his first business. He believes “
nothing ventured-nothing gained , that is because ,he
immigrated to Turkey from Iran in 2016. He says , in order to
expand your business and climb up the ladder of success , you
must be a risk taker , because your success largely depends on
the risks you take , as a matter of fact, nothing comes without
any sacrifice. He believes that success is simple , at first , you
must decide exactly what you want , sadly , most of the people
never do that , then , you must pay the price.

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Life in Turkey

Living in another country is somehow daunting , but it was the price that Mahan had decided to pay in order to fulfill his dreams. Mahan strongly believes that if something doesn’t challenge you , it doesn’t change you .Immigration always gives
you a wonderful opportunity to see the world in a different perspective and help you to broaden your horizons and knowledge.

Mahan believes that you shouldn’t let any opportunity slip through your fingers if you ever want to become successful , therefore ,he has decided to leave his comfort zone and go beyond his limit in an attempt to become one of top businessmen in the field of social media services. His professional team provide the best service for growing your personal/business pages on social media.

Dare to dream

Mahan ,CEO and co-founder of the 1st social media best services launched his business from the scratch.

He always says you must dare to dream and move toward your fear in order to accomplish your mission and achieve your goals. The things you REGRET most in life are the RISKS you didn’t take. Keep in
mind that a ship is safe in harbor , but that’s not what ships are for , so get out of your safe zone and fight for your dreams.

Mahan’s message for those new entrepreneurs who want to start their business and become their own boss is that you never lose in business , you either win or learn , so, dare to dream and believe in yourself.

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Mahan’s mission

As Zig Ziglar says, outstanding people have one thing in
common , an absolute sense of mission and Mahan is no
exception. He is on a mission to become one of the best
businessmen in the world and make a huge difference. Mahan ,
known as adventurous , persistent, and a risk taker
businessman stops at nothing to get what he wants. His mission
is simple ” connect the world’s professionals to make them
more productive and successful ” .